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"Frankly, I didn't think I would need CompuCram® but found it to be extremely valuable to prepare me for the test, which seems to be 'tricked up' a little. Your staff did a great job of presenting the material and without CompuCram®, I'm not sure I would have passed on the first attempt."

Bob Colosimo

Real Estate Sales Exam
Real estate exams are based on the national laws as well as the specific laws for that state. The main real estate test providers are AMP, PSI, Experior and Pearson Vue. Although the CompuCram test questions are not exactly the same as the questions from the exam the style mimics those of AMP, PSI, Experior and Pearson Vue. Our software is 100% money back guaranteed to help you pass your test the first time because our software is customized by state. Each state varies on the exact pre-license education requirements but typically a specific number of hours are required from an accredited real estate school before an individual is allowed to take the exam. Each state also varies on their requirements to become a real estate broker. For more information on real estate sales license exams by state please select your state here: CompuCram Real Estate Sales Exam

Appraisal Exam

The real estate appraisal test requirements are put together by the Appraisal Qualifications Board or AQB. Recently new education and testing requirements have been approved, commonly referred to as the “2008 AQB criteria” however the implementation of the changes for appraisal licensing may vary from state to state. CompuCram software has up to date test questions and a 100% money back guarantee you will pass your exam the first time.  For more information on the real estate appraisal license exams by state please select your state here: CompuCram Real Estate Appraisal Exam


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